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Open Dynamics Engine (ODE)

Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) is a free library for a 3D Dynamics Simulation. On this website, I explain how to use ODE. (1) For installing, I use "Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition" as a C programming developmental environment. It is also free. (2) I show some simple programming codes so that you can understand easily, I hope.(3) Please send your request to E-mail <kojirom(at)> and I will add some more information on this website.

1.How to Install
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In this section, I explain how to install the ODE and the C++ developmental environment "Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition".

For Convenience, I made videos that show the install process. But I recorded the process when I installed into the Japanese Windows XP. In any case, all the positions of windows, buttons, tool bars are the same so that those videos should be helpful to you. Please download video files because size of each file is more than 15MB.

[Install]123 [Making Own Project]45
2.Sample Programs1.Passive Dynamic Walker [Code:file01.pdw.cpp]
2.Powered Passive Walker [Code:file02.ppdw.cpp]
Download videos: [file01.PDW.mpg/file02.PPDW.mpg]

Please refer "How to Install: 3. Implementing own ODE programs" for using these codes.
3.ODE for RLG
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The simulations shown in the page are based on Robots@Robot Locomotion Group, CSAIL, MIT.

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